Devils Delirum

Mega Hot Jolokia Paste

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Devil's Delirium (Yellow Ghost Edition)

Mega Hot Jolokia Paste

Hot! 1 Million Scoville Heat Units!

This is a special edition Yellow Ghost Chilli paste, just as hot as the original but with a little bit more of fruity flavour and a great yellow colour to match!

Serving Suggestions:

  • Use sparingly in marinades & stirfries.
  • Steaks: brush a tiny bit on your steak and put it on the BBQ!
  • Any Asian dishes.
  • Spice up your Indian curry.
  • Add some with your spaghetti bolognaise!
  • Any Mexican foods like fajita and tacos.

Ingredients: Jolokia Chilli (56%), Water, Vinegar, Tomatoes, Sugar, Salt, Cornflour


Brand The Chilli Factory

Devils Delirium

By: on 9 August 2011
Nice sauce, pretty hot, but not the hottest. Very good flavour. It's not bad for a natural sauce without extract. Recommended on bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Great on Salads

By: on 27 July 2011
Don't under estimate this product. Excellent I use it on all my salads. Put it on Coleslaw and it adds that little bit extra.

Great Wing Sauce

By: on 9 October 2010
Used it together with Funnelweb Bite to make some buffalo wings. It was insanely good!!!


By: on 16 August 2010
"OH MY GOD...IT'S HOT" doesn't even BEGIN to cover it! YOU ARE STUPID IF YOU ENJOY THIS STUFF! I got to try this at Brisbane Ekka... At first I thought it was ok...then the rep tells me it takes about 2mins to kick in... My whole mouth was on lip swelled up where it had touched the sauce... I had tears streaming down my tongue went numb and my mouth kept filling up with burning saliva...then my throat was set on fire too. I wandered aimlessly about for a while with no idea what I was doing and my stomach was NOT happy about it being in there and was still grumbling a good hour later The pain in my mouth held out for a good half hour even though I'd been sampling yoghurts prior to trying it AND I ate a HUGE cup of yoghurt after! Good Times!

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