About Us


History of the Chilli Factory


The Chilli Factory began over 20 years ago and since then we have gone from making a few bottles of chilli sauce as a hobby, to the best gourmet chilli sauces and chutneys available in Australia. The Chilli Factory sauces can be found all over Australia and have received over 160 awards!


The secret to our delicious sauces and chutneys is using only the best fresh ingredients. All our chillies are grown right here in Australia, we do not use any dried, powdered or imported chillies, and our company policy that if we cannot make it fresh we prefer to not make it at all. 


At The Chilli Factory we’re inspired by tastes from Australia and all around the world. The range includes sauces, chutneys, mustards, rubs, spices and salts. You can find our sauces at gourmet grocers, delis, butchers, growers markets, and fine food markets. Check out our store locator to find your nearest Chilli Factory stockist or get your spice kick sent straight to your door by shopping right here on our website.



Growing The World's Hottest Chilli


Our passion for chillies soon turned into an obsession for the hot stuff, in 2011 The Chilli Factory grew the World’s Hottest Chilli the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T, with a whopping 1,463,700 Scoville Heat Units. The “Butch T” held the Guinness World Record for almost 3 years until November 2013.  



In 2008 The Chilli factory started growing our own chillies because we couldn’t get our hands on chillies that were hot enough for us! We started off growing a hot house full of 1500 Ghost Pepper chilli plants, which were the hottest in the world at the time, but even these weren’t hot enough for us…


In 2010 we caught wind of a new chilli that was even hotter than the Ghost. We set about planting a further 1500 plants of this new Scorpion chilli to see what all the fuss was about. In January 2011 the first fruit appeared on our new chilli plant and after trying some it was clear that these Scorpion Chillies were far hotter than the Ghosts. We sent some off to a lab to be tested and measured in at an astonishing 1,463,700 SHU, a full 42,000 SHU hotter than the Ghost Pepper.


Special Thanks to The Hippy Seed Company for providing the chilli seeds, and to Mark Peacock for his help and guidance throughout the growing process.