Growing Chillies

Growing Chillies


To grow your own chilli plants follow our step by step guide!!

This is the exact process we use to grow all our chillies, with an 85-90% success rate. Germinating chilli seeds can be tricky but we’ve got some handy tips to make it a bit easier:

  • The soil temperature for the chilli seeds should be a constant 28-32°C (we use a heat blanket to maintain our soil temperature)
  • Make sure to measure the soil temperature by putting a thermometer inside the soil
  • Chillies can take from 2-4 weeks to germinate – so be patient!!
  • Make sure they don’t dry out
  • Make sure they’re not too wet (this can lead to fungus growing)
  • Store your chilli seeds in a sealed bag in the fridge until you’re ready to use them
  • Give the plants as much TLC as you can – think of them as your spicy little babies!!


Part 1 Germinating Your Chilli Seeds


Step 1 – Use high quality seeds

At The Chilli Factory we pride ourselves on providing a huge variety of the high quality seeds. We have over 170 varieties of seeds available check them out here!!


Step 2 – Treat the seeds

Soak the seeds in 0.05% Sodium Hypochlorite solution for 30 minutes (we use Milton sterilising fluid).

*don’t confuse Sodium Hypochlorite with Sodium Hydroxide (bleach) this will certainly kill the seeds 


Step 3 – Sowing the seeds

Dry the seeds on a paper towel after soaking and immediately sow them about 5-10mm deep (we sow our seeds into Jiffy pots).


Step 4 -  Protecting the seedling

Mix up a pre-emergent fungicide and apply to growing media (we use Fongarid – it is systematic and protects the seedling as it develops)


Step 5 – Waiting for germination

Keep the seeds moist and warm (28-32°C) until they germinate. Make sure the media is well ventilated to prevent anoxic bacteria and fungus.


Part 2 Growing Your Chilli Plants


Step 1 – Let them grow

Once the seedlings have sprouted let them grow until they have a few leaves before beginning to sun train them.


Step 2 – Sun training

Begin sun training the chilli plants, introduce the plants to direct sunlight for about half an hour before moving them inside (we keep them on a trolley so we can move them easily). Gradually increase the amount of sunlight the plants are receiving until they are spending full days in the sun.


Step 3 – Transplant the plants

Move the plants into their final growing location either in pots or in the ground (we grow our chillies in pots to make maintaining temperature easier). Chillies like full sun so ensure they get plenty of sunlight, give them good food/fertiliser, and water them 2-3 times a day when it’s hot outside.


Step 4 – Fruiting

After 4-6 months the first fruit should start to appear and will be ready to be harvested. Ensure the chillies are fully ripe prior to picking them. Chilli plants will fruit multiple times so make sure to take care of them to get plenty of chillies.


Step 5 – Winter

If possible move the plants inside to make sure they stay warm. If your plants are in the ground make sure to cover them with plenty of mulch and newspaper to keep them warm. To reduce stress on the plant prune them prior to any frost hitting them. When pruning make sure to leave enough leaves so that the plant can shoot up again in spring.