Habanero White Jelly Bean Chilli

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Habanero WHITE Jelly Bean Chilli

Originally from Peru, the White Habanero is a lovely & rare variety that is hard to come by. AKA as the Peruvian White or the White Jelly Bean Chilli due to the shape of their creamy white pods which look like a Jelly Bean.

The heat level of this chilli pepper is very hot. Even if smaller than most of the habaneros, the white isn't less hot! We rate it a 10+ just like other habaneros as its rated around 350,000 SHU.

The chilli pods go white when mature and its shape like a Jelly bean. The plant is very high yielding bushy pepper / chilli plants with the creamy-white coloured pods measuring approximately 5cm. The plant will stay small between 30 – 45 cm high and therefore perfect to keep in a pot!

It will give you a lot of fruits during the chilli season which lasts approximate 4 to 6 months depending on where you grow them and the weather conditions.

For tips on how to grow your own chillies, check out our handy, step by step Chilli Growing Guide.


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