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Funnelweb Bite

Chilli Money Bags Served With Hot Sweet Chilli Sauce

Makes about 30 Print Recipe


    250gr green prawns, peeled, de-veined,

    125gr pork mince,

    60gr raw fish, chopped,

    ¼ cup water chestnuts,

    2 green onions, chopped,

    1-tablespoon fresh chopped coriander,

    2 teaspoons grated ginger,

    2 cloves garlic, crushed,


    1-tablespoon oyster sauce,

    1-teaspoon fish sauce,

    200gr packet gowgee wrappers and

    Oil for deep-frying.



    Place all ingredients, except wrappers and oil, into a food processor.

    Process until well chopped and combined.

    Work with one wrapper at the time.

    Place a teaspoonful of filling into the centre.

    Gather wrapper around filling.

    Pinch together to form a bag shape.

    Continue with remaining ingredients.


    Heat oil until it sizzles as soon as a cube of bread is added.

    Deep-fry a few moneybags at a time for 3 or 4 minutes or until cooked and golden. Drain on crumpled paper towel.

    Keep warm.

    Serve with Funnelweb Bite (Hot Sweet Chilli Sauce).


  1. Serve with Trinidad 7 Pod YELLOW (Chilli Seeds 20 per pack)
  2. Serve with Funnelweb Bite (Hot Sweet Chilli Sauce)