Satans Spit

Hot Chilli Spray

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Satan's Spit


Extremely hot! 1.8 Million Scoville Heat Units for this product on average, including all other ingredients!

This is one of our hottest (& more dangerous) products, please handle with care! Spray with caution as it can get travel through the air and get in eyes. You've been warned.  

Warning: Flammable! Keep away from heat and naked flames. Keep out of reach of children.

Usage Suggestsions:

  • Use in small doses.
  • Spray onto food after you've cooked it
  • Or use it in stir frys!

Ingredients: Alcohol, Chilli Extract


Brand The Chilli Factory


By: on 18 April 2024
I had this straight like I sprayed this stuff from the bottle into my mouth and I’ve seen reviews where they don’t do this so for people who want to feel some pain bruh, do this straight, I’ve done this on four different occasions and it does not get better, do not someone with a low pain tolerance do this at all but for what it is, it’s definitely satans spit bruh


By: on 12 December 2023
This will destroy any human orifice!

caution very hot

By: on 4 December 2019
Caution handle with care as the fumes make you cough and sneeze like crazy , but has a great kick to it Use very sparingly very very hot use in a well ventilated area like out side and away from pets wow

hot spit

By: on 14 September 2019
definitely the hottest spit Ive tasted. get some for when youre travelling and need a hit.

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